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When buying or selling a home, it’s important to find a Kelowna real estate agent with a sales background, high level of professionalism, and customer understanding. At Quincy Vrecko & Associates, these traits have helped us develop a proven track record and an enduring reputation for helping clients fulfill their real estate needs.

For people searching for homes to buy, our primary objective is to help you find the right home in the right neighbourhood at the best possible price. Our Kelowna realtors take the time to answer any questions you might have, and we’ll be there with you throughout the entire process. From deciding whether you’re ready to begin searching for Kelowna real estate; to viewing homes; to presenting an offer; to moving into your new property – you’ll have our team’s full support.

With our extensive knowledge of the Kelowna area and its unique neighbourhoods, we’ll help you find a property that meets your lifestyle needs, as well as your financial parameters. The process of finding a new home can be a daunting task, but by carefully listening to the features and amenities you value most, we’ll help you prioritize your search, making it a smooth and rewarding experience. 

For people selling Kelowna real estate, we’ll help you market your home so that it fetches the best price possible, in as short a time as possible. Our professional sales agents are always dialed in to current market trends and conditions, so that your property is listed at the right price with the right representation. We also develop personalized marketing plans in order to highlight your home’s unique selling features and present them as effectively as possible.

Whatever your real estate goals are, the Kelowna realtors at Quincy Vrecko & Associates have the industry expertise and unwavering work ethic to help you fulfill them.

Are there important specific features that real estate investors and buyers consider when selecting a house for sale in Kelowna? The answer is YES, and these features are highly dependent on the property’s location, size and price.

A prospective homeowner interested in a Kelowna house for sale from the category of upper-bracket properties, for example, will never be satisfied with a two-car garage. They will need much more than this.

Moreover, what a buyer might consider a must regarding features according to a certain established price range might not be in another buyer’s plans when searching for a Kelowna house for sale. This is what makes the real estate market a highly challenging and interesting one.

All in all, what all future homeowners want from a house for sale in Kelowna to consider it a perfect purchase is a proper balance between its features and the required price. Finished basements, big modern bathrooms as well as clean and fresh-looking spaces are top requirements on their list. 


Introducing the new way of selling homes in Kelowna
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What is a
QVA Agent?

[kyoo - vee - ey] [ey-juh nts]
Origin: Quincy Vrecko & Associates Homes | Kelowna, BC

Noun (plural) – It takes years of industry experience, dedication, professionalism and training to become a QVA Agent. We are a team of highly trained sales agents, and work as a team to provide you with the knowledge and support you’ll need to successfully buy and sell Kelowna real estate.

Whether you’re in the market for a family home, townhouse or condo, a QVA Agent’s role is to guide you through the sales process to make it a smooth and rewarding experience. Each of our QVA Agents are fully licensed and trained sales agents, so your property investment is always in good hands.

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Kelowna Realtor: QVA

Quincy Vrecko & Associates brings a new and unique approach to buying and selling Kelowna real estate. Our belief is that because each home is different, a strategic plan must be in place for each transaction. We develop personalized marketing plans and set up negotiating strategies when buying and selling. We work with you, as a team, to ensure success. Our work ethic and business expertise is second to none.

When hiring a real estate agent in Kelowna, we agree that you should have high expectations. With proven marketing strategies and strong negotiating techniques, we guarantee to exceed those expectations, making your real estate experience successful and enjoyable. Please contact us directly with your real estate needs.

Real Estate Listings

Finding the right home for you and your family is all in the little details. The list of Kelowna houses for sale on the Quincy Vrecko & Associates website gives you instant access to all of the pertinent information you want to know about the properties you’re interested in. Property descriptions, maps, professional photos and even professional HD video tours of our homes and the neighborhoods they are in will all be at your fingertips.

Tracey Vrecko heads QVA Homes, a division of Quincy Vrecko & Associates specializing in sub-million dollar listings. Whether you’re looking for a corner lot with a big backyard where your kids can play, or you want a modern condo with spectacular views of Okanagan Lake, Tracey and her dedicated team will help you locate the property that fits your lifestyle and budget. 

With Quincy Vrecko & Associates, searching houses for sale in Kelowna has never been more convenient. You can easily browse through our extensive list and HD videos of Kelowna houses for sale, including: single-family homes, townhouses, condos, apartments and rental properties. Combined with our industry know-how and expert guidance, you’re in good hands.

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We listed with Quincy and Tracey early in 2012. From the moment we met the Vrecko's they provided diligent, personal and professional services. They offered sound, hands on strategies for showing our home to its best advantage and advertised correctly to viable markets and clientele. Consequently our home sold quite quickly (in a tough market and price bracket) for pretty close to our asking price.… [read more]

John and Marcia Knapp

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