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Conventional showings are very one-sided: the potential buyer tours a home with their agent who does not know the home. Where is the knowledgable agent who knows everything about the home? The agent that represents you the seller?

Questions go unanswered and the home is not shown to its potential – nobody wins in this scenario.


Full-service showings—we attend every showing (at every price point)

When another real estate agent wants to show your home, we go the extra mile to make the experience amazing. Instead of leaving them to self-serve with a lockbox, QVA Agents attend ALL showings to guide the tour and answer all questions – ensuring you (the seller) is represented. Commissions are the same for you, so why not hire a QVA Agent who’s prepared to work harder to fully represent your property?

The traditional role of a real estate agent could be best described as a ‘customer service rep’. Passing along information, advice and answering questions is what a traditional real estate agent would say is the most important part of their job. The problem with this role is that a “go-between” isn’t going to bring the best results in a competitive market. Simply put, the traditional, laid-back approach is not good enough. Professional sales skills and a proactive style is needed to sell a home in our market.

We are more than just a real estate agent, we are professional sales agents. It takes years of industry experience, dedication, professionalism and training to become a QVA agent. Instead of crossing our fingers and waiting for the phone to ring, QVA Agents are motivated and proactive. Our team of highly trained and licensed sales agents focus on the goal of selling your home. The QVA team provides you with the knowledge and support to successfully buy and sell Kelowna Real Estate.

When other real estate agents bring potential buyers to your home, it usually means that you never really know if the showing went well. What were the questions? Were the buyers hot or cold? Was price a question? Often you’ll wait days before knowing the answers… if you even hear back at all.

Since QVA Agents attend every showing, including other agents’ showings, there’s no wait time. You’ll hear how the showing went and the level of interest the moment the showing ends. There’s nothing like being there in person to read the facial expressions and tone of voice. Our feedback is immediate and valuable.

Do you expect potential buyers to get excited about your home looking at blurry low quality photos?

Every home is photographed by our professional photographer for crisp, bright, and gorgeous images.

A decade ago “virtual tours” were all the rage. Things have moved on since then, but not all real estate agents have.

Cutting edge in 2016 means more than just great pictures. Video walk throughs set your property apart by bringing more potential buyers to your doorstep to experience it for themselves.

Many real estate agents rely on a central answering service to screen their calls and pass on messages. This is great for them, but bad for you. Potential buyers have to jump through more hoops and wait for call back - if they get one at all.

QVA Agents aren’t afraid to pick up the phone. We answer inquiries directly for both our high-end QVA Collection listings and our QVA Homes listings. Your potential buyers call a knowledgable agent, not a shared receptionist.

Print advertising has limited exposure. More and more buyers are looking online for real estate in Kelowna. You need a real estate team with a strong internet marketing department to reach potential buyers - especially buyers outside of the Okanagan.

Quincy Vrecko & Associates have a very strong internet presence with exceptional local and international exposure. Optimized property pages and online ads bring over 1000 potential buyers. Great marketing means to selling your home at the right price in less time.

Amid the chaos of moving out, homeowners often scramble to clean their home. This job isn’t fun at the best of times, and is the last thing you want to do at this particular point.

Put the gloves and Windex away – we’ll take care of it. QVA Agents send professional cleaners to your home after the move out! One less thing for you to worry about.

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